Baking Mini “POTICA”

Date and time: Tuesday, 28th of May, at 15:00

Potica (nut roll) is one of the most well-known traditional festive cakes in Slovenia which is particularly well-represented in the Gorenjska region. We bake potica to celebrate all of the most important holidays such as Christmas and Easter, and also to commemorate significant personal events. Potica is made out of yeast dough and has a hole in the middle; it can be prepared with various sweet or savoury fillings. Most often, it is filled with walnut or tarragon filling, or even with cracklings (“ocvirkovka”) or bacon (“špehovka”); in the past, these savoury variants used to be prepared during the pig-slaughtering period and for carnival. Traditionally, potica is baked in an earthenware baking dish or in a metal potica pan called “potičnik”. According to historical written sources, potica or “povitica” is already mentioned in the book of Primož Trubar written in 1575.


The workshop consists of a shorter presentation on the ingredients needed, the history and the meaning of POTICA in Slovenia. Together with the participants, we will prepare mini poticas that they will naturally be able to try after the workshop, thus tasting at least a part of the Slovenian culinary heritage.

Length of the workshop: 2 hours
Maximum number of participants: 15
Minimum number of participants: 7
Price of the workshop: EUR 9 per person