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Akio HIZUME, Japan

Geometric Artist: Born in Nagano, 1960 and living in Shizuoka. Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Kyoto Institute of Technology. Searching for any form around either material or immaterial one. Primarily, a geometric artist mainly using the Fibonacci sequence, Penrose Tiling and the Golden Ratio, as well as general quasi-periodic structures based on continued fractions. Lover of the ecology of the bamboo as an attractive material.
Web pages: http://starcage.org/.


Akio Hizume’s quasi-crystal sculpture.

Akio Hizume’s Fibonacci Turbine and Fibonacci Helicopter.

MUMAGARI as a Quasi-Crystal Model (1993), 30x30x30cm, plexiglass

GOMAGARI (1990) Quasi-Periodic Five-Fold Chiral Lattice.

Quasi-Crystal Music (2006).